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Sharbat is a traditional Persian drink that is made with water and different syrups. Iranians usually make different syrups from various fruits or herbs themselves. Persian Sharbats have a diverse variety. Iranians make Shrabat from almost every kind of fruit and herbs. In the past, these syrups were made at home by housewives. They even had some particular ceremonies for making syrup from different herbs or other spices such as Roses. Nowadays, there are industrialized prepared Sharbats available in the market. Persian Sharbats can vary depending on the region and climate of that region. For example, Roses are grown and produced in Kashan. Therefore, Rose syrup is a typical product of this city. Or BaharNarenj is another prevalent Sharbta which is mostly used in Shiraz.

Famous Persian Sharbats:

Here, I am going to mention the most famous Persian Sharbats:

1.    Sharbat e Ablimoo

Sharbate Ablimoo (Persian lemonade) is made with Persin lime juice, water, and sugar. In some recipes, they also add roses or cardamoms to taste it up. Iranians serve their Sharbats cold. Therefore, most Sharbats include ice cubes, too. A slice of lime and a small rose can decorate Sharbate Ablimoo.

2.    Sharbate Tootfarangi (Strawberry Syrup)

To make Sharbat e Tootfarangi, you need sugar, strawberries, some vanilla, and water. Indeed, first, you need to cook the Sharbat and then extract the juice and use it as syrup. For each cup of strawberry, add 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. Cook them on low heat until it starts boiling. Then extract the juice as syrup and cool it in the fridge. To serve Sharbate Tootfarangi, pour some syrup into a glass and add water and ices to it. You can decorate it with strawberry slices.

3.    Sharbat e Albaloo

To make Sharbate Albaloo, you need black cherries, sugar, and water. For each cherry cup, add 2 cups of sugar and a cup of water, then extract the syrup as mentioned in the previous part.

4.    Sharbat e Sekanjebin

Sharbate Sekanjebin is a type of Sharbat that can be used as a drink or as a dip next to some fruits and veggies such as lettuce. To make Sharbate Sekanjebin, you need Sekanjebin syrup, which Iranians make with vinegar and sugar. It is somehow like Ablimoo Sharbat but includes vinegar instead of lemon juice. As a dip, it is very delicious next to lettuce.

5.    Sharbat e KhakeShir

Iranians make Sharbat e Khakeshir with flixweeds, sugar, some lemon juice, and water. This Sharbat is an excellent drink for summer. You need to wash the flixweeds, soak them for some hours. Then add sugar, lemon juice, and water to them. It is very beneficial for the body.

6.    Rose Sharbat

Iranians (Especially in Kashan) make rosewater with roses. The process of extracting rosewater from roses includes some complicated specialized process through some unique pots and pipes. To Make Sharbat E Gol or Rose syrup, Iranians either use rosewater or make syrup from rose petals like the method they do for strawberries. The ladder one is usually more delicious.


Sharbat is a traditional Persian drink that Iranians serve it cold during hot seasons. Sharbat is the syrup extracted from different fruits or herbs. To make Sharbat, first, you need to make the syrup and store it in the fridge. Then you can have your drink any time by adding a little water. Adding ice cubes and a spoon to help to mix the syrup with water are the essentials.

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