Ferni Recipe

Ferni (Fereni)

Ferni (Fereni, فرنی ) is a traditional dessert from Persian cuisine. It is very similar to custard texture-wise. And it is like the Turkish Paudings but with limited flavor options. Moreover, It is also a lot like Indian food, Kheer. It is not precisely clear where Ferni was first originated, but many historians believe that Fereni is Kheer, which has faced some changes. This idea gets more reliable when you understand that some people at Indies call this food, Phirni, which sounds like Fereni.

Indeed, if you try this delicious, mellow, and soft dessert, you won’t think about the history or any other extra information. You will likely think about the second dish and the recipe. Since it has a very soft texture, Iranians cook this dish for kids, typically. Moreover, they break their fasts in Ramadan with Fereni. It has always been an excellent choice for Iftar tables in Iran. However, the taste is so catching and delightful that many people cook and eat it age or time free.

It is similar to Shir Berenj, another Persian dessert, but it is softer since the ground rice takes place for rice in the ingredients. It can be served hot or warm and with many alternatives for garnish. Continue reading this post and cook Fereni. I promise you will return to this recipe more than once!

Different types of Ferni:

Indeed, there is only one type of Ferni that is made with milk and ground rice and some other ingredients. Nevertheless, people serve it differently by adding different garnishes. For example, it is very typical to add some ground almonds to the dish, especially when we are preparing it for kids. Nowadays, many chefs add different types of jello to the dish, which makes an eye-catching decoration and a different taste. You can use different flavors of jam or various nuts such as pistachio slices as a topping, too. Fruits are other alternatives for topping and garnish. However, I believe that Fereni is delicious enough itself and doesn’t need any garnishes. If you are attempting to add one, I recommend you to use jello, especially a red one.

Important Nutrition Facts of Ferni:

Fereni has 199 kcal per 100gr, which is considered low compared to other desserts. It has a notable amount of carbohydrates since ground rice is the main ingredient of the recipe. 146.31 gr water per 100gr is another noteworthy fact about this food. It is an excellent source of protein and many essential vitamins, including all types of vitamin B. it is strongly recommended by specialists to use this food to support kids’ growth. Moreover, a recent study by Harward shows that eating a breakfast that contains corn increases the death factor risks by about 22%.

Vegetarian tips:

This dessert is utterly vegetarian. All the ingredients used in the recipe are vegetarian, and you can cook it confidently. However, if you are vegan, you need to change some ingredients. Uniqop suggests using almond milk, which can add to the delightfulness of the taste. Soymilk may not be a proper choice since it can do an unlikely taste cooking with rice ground.

Serving style of Ferni:

Iranians cook and serve Ferni as a dessert after the main course. However, it is common to use it as a breakfast or brunch. Furthermore, they also use it as an appetizer in the Iftar tables of Ramadan. It is probably the first food that many Iranian children have tasted. They usually serve it in small containers such as cups. For a formal serving, you’d better decorate it with some almond or pistachio slices. Moreover, you can use any of the garnishes mentioned above to make your dessert look more classy. It is very light and soft and can be the right dessert after any main course.

What are the ingredients of Ferni?

The ingredients are very handful and simple. You need milk, ground rice (آرد برنج) and sugar and maybe a little rose water. However, many mothers add almond flour while making it for the children. You can also use Nabat (kind of Persian sugar) to sweeten the dish. Some chefs add some saffron, too.

Moreover, to change the Fernie’s flavor, you can use vanilla, cardamom, or similar ingredients. I recommend you to cook and eat it in its traditional simple type. By the way, you cannot use flour or any other corn instead of rice ground!

Cooking process of Ferni:

To cook Ferni, you should mix the milk and sugar. After they mixed well and sugar melted in the milk, you can add the ground rice. The essential point in cooking Fereni is battering the ground rice. Because the ground rice is more cumbersome than milk, and it can easily change to bullets if you are lazy in battering. When the ground rice makes chemistry with other ingredients, and it starts to make bubbles, it is time to add rose water. If you want to add saffron, you can add it at this point. You should note that saffron or any other spices can change the pure white color of the Fereni. If you are going to add almond flour, you can mix it with ground rice in half ratio. Moreover, to serve it with jello, you are required to pour jello on the Ferni after it is cold and completely bound.


This recipe is adequate for four people. The preparation time is about 5 minutes, and the cooking time is 20 minutes. If you want to serve it cold, you should consider at least 2 hours for cooling in the fridge.

Ferni (Fereni)


Ferni is a soft, mellow, and traditional dessert from Persian cuisine. To cook it, you need milk and ground rice and sugar. It is a very rapidly prepared dessert.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Persian
Keyword: Ferni
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 199kcal


  • 4 cup of cold milk
  • 4 full tablespoon ground rice
  • 8 tablespoon sugar
  • ½ cup of water


  • Put a container on the stove, use medium or low heat.
  • Pour the milk and sugar.
  • Mix milk and sugar until the sugar melts into the milk
  • Start adding ground rice severely and batter the composition while adding.
  • Batter it until bubbles appear on top of the pot
  • Pour it into the cups you want to serve it in while it is hot.
  • If you like it cold, let it refresh in the fridge for two hours.


Uniqop’s advice:

  • You can adjust the sugar to your taste.
  • Ground rice changes to bullets soon in hot or warm milk, so use cold milk.
  • Choose white and qualified ground rice to guarantee the scent and taste of your dessert.
  • You should pour it into the serving dish as soon as it’s cooked. If you let it cool in the pot, it is impossible to reshape it.
  • To decorate your cups, you can use pistachio slices and cinnamon sticks.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 199kcal | Carbohydrates: 36.82g | Protein: 5.96g | Fat: 3.36g | Cholesterol: 13.01mg | Sodium: 76.66mg | Potassium: 235.75mg | Fiber: 0.24g | Sugar: 29.2g | Vitamin A: 45.55IU | Vitamin C: 0.33mg | Calcium: 196.41mg | Iron: 0.08mg

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