Bastani Sonnati (Saffron ice cream) Recipe

bastani sonnati (saffron ice cream)

Bastani Sonnati (بستنی سنتی) or Persian saffron ice cream, is the most traditional type of ice cream in Iran and maybe in the middle east. Bastani is the Persian term for ice cream, and Sonnati means classic. As time passed and industries developed and various kinds of ice creams paved their ways to the market. Iranians call this type of ice cream Sonnati to distinguish them easily. It commonly has a soft freezy texture and a taste of saffron and rose.

The history of Bastani goes back to 2000 years ago when Hakhamaneshian (Achaemenid) empire was ruling in Iran. They used to eat iced fruits in the summer and snow and Shireh (syrup) in the winter. That was the reason that caused them to make ice cream. Soon after, Iranians transferred it to Arabian countries, and ice cream was invented. Faloodeh was the second type of ice cream that Iranians invented 500 years after inventing Bastani Sonnati. Nowadays, you can find this type of ice cream in every city of Iran. If you search, you can find out that every town has a famous shop for Bastani Sonnati that residents wait in lines to buy this ice cream.

Different types of Bastani Sonnati:

Bastani has some main ingredients and some auxiliary ingredients that make the Bastani’s taste. There are three main types of Bastani depend on the flavour you add to your main components. Vanilla, saffron, and chocolate flavours. However, the most prevalent one is the saffron flavour. Therefore, I will mainly discuss saffron flavoured Bastani Sonnati.

Havij Bastani or Ab Havij Bastani:

Havij Bastani is another common component of Persian traditional cafes’ menus. It is a glass of carrot juice which has some scopes of Bastani Sonnati (usually vanilla flavoured) in it.

Important nutrition facts of Bastani Sonnati:

All over the world, all ice creams have high calories. However, people enjoy eating them because they are very delicious. Bastani Sonnati has about 207 kcal per 100 gr. It has 23 gr carbohydrates, 11 gr fat and 3.50 gr protein. Moreover, it has 26 mg vitamin B4, and other varieties of vitamin B. it also includes notable amounts of vitamin E and C. Additionally, it contains 128 mg calcium, 14 mg magnesium, 105 mg phosphor, 199 mg potassium, and 80 mg sodium. However, if you have diabetes or high blood cholesterol, you should never eat this ice cream.

Vegetarian tips:

All the ingredients that Iranians use in making Bastani Sonnati can be used by vegetarians. However, if you are a vegan, you need to replace the diaries with vegan type, but it won’t create the same taste.

Serving style of Bastani Sonnati:

Iranians serve Bastani at happy occasions such as wedding parties. In the parties, they serve it in small bowls and usually a scope of each flavour. In traditional cafes and ice cream shops, they serve it both in cones and in cups. Often, you can have any type of it and in any amount that you like. Pistachio slices are used as a topping for Bastani Sonnati. Commonly, they do not serve anything but water along with it. If you are going to serve it at a party, put a scope of different flavours in a cup and decorate it with chocolate sauce and pistachio slices.

What are the ingredients of Bastani Sonnati?

The ingredients include diaries like milk and cream. The main ingredient is milk which I suggest youtube use the fattest milk you can find. Salep is another primary ingredient that plays a vital role in creating the ice cream’s texture and taste. Moreover, you need sugar to sweeten your Bastani. Rosewater is another essential ingredient of Bstani Sonnati. Finally, you require saffron and pistachio slices to make a through traditional ice cream.

How to make Bastani Sonnati?

To make Bastani Sonnati, first, pour the cream in a tray, then flatten it and freeze it. Next, mix the milk, saffron and rosewater, and heat them, until they make a thick liquid. Try to add sugar and salep gradually to the hot milk. Turn off the heat, and put the pot on ice. Batter the mixture. After it cooled down, please put it in the freezer. Every 15minutes take out the combination and batter it. Repeat this for 5 times. Finally, add the frozen cream to the mix and add pistachios while serving.


This recipe is adequate for two people. The preparation time is 10 minutes and making time is about 1.5 hours.

Bastani Sonnati

Bastani Sonnati

Bastani Sonnati or Persian saffron ice cream is a traditional Persian ice cream mainly made with milk and saffron. The history of this ice cream goes back to 2000 years ago.
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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Persian
Keyword: Bastani Sonnati, Persian saffron ice cream
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings: 4 people
Calories: 207kcal


  • 4 cups of fat milk
  • 1 cup brewed saffron
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salep
  • ½ cups of rosewater
  • 1 cups of cream
  • ½ cups of sliced pistachios


  • Pour the cream on a tray and flatten it, then freeze it.
  • Mix rosewater, saffron, and milk and heat them
  • Mix sugar and salep and gradually add them to the milk
  • After the mixture created a thick texture, turn off the heat
  • Put the pot on ice
  • Batter the mixture
  • Freeze the mixture
  • Every 15 minutes, take the mixture out and batter it
  • Repeat level 8 for 5 times
  • Add frozen cream and pistachios to the mix and serve it


Uniqop’s Advice:

  • Salep makes the elastic texture of Bastani
  • Use fat milk and fat cream for a more delicious Bastani
  • You can use any flavours such as vanilla or chocolate instead of saffron


Serving: 100g | Calories: 207kcal | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 3.5g | Fat: 11g | Sodium: 80mg | Potassium: 199mg

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