Uniqop is a unique online grocery store that is going to support you in Persian cooking. Uniqop is google for online Persian recipes, Amazon for online grocery shopping, and Instagram of Persian dishes photos!

We are a team of food lovers in Uniqop who believe that eating is one of the most joyful blessings of life. Let’s confess that we are jealous of those who eat a lot and never get fat.  Food is present in every aspect of our lives. It can affect our mood, and accordingly, our attitude can change our eating, too.

Usually, when something good happens, we gather together to eat or drink and celebrate. At any party, food plays a vital role. Imagine a birthday party without a cake or a wedding party without a feast.

Uniqop Any festival, carnival or celebration owes some parts of its charm to the catering section.

Food’s effect does not only belong to the celebrations and happy times of life. In funerals, ritual ceremonies, and religious parties, catering have a unique impact.

Have you ever noticed Uniqop ? You either eat a lot or not eat at all when you are sad or stressed out.

Furthermore, eating and food are the main aspects affecting the body’s mental and physical health. You are what you eat. Want to gain weight?

You have to change your diet. Want to lose weight? You have to change your diet. There are millions of posts in google answering questions such as what to eat for…?

It seems like importance is the middle name of food!

Food shapes your health, your growth, and your mood. have you ever noticed how much people are working in the food section worldwide?

From farmers and hunters to food factory employees and restaurant staff are working to prepare food.

Here, at Uniqop, we are going to serve you all these blessings from the Persian cuisine. We have gathered years of experiences of Iranians master chefs, Doctors, and food products suppliers to fulfill your Persian food baskets. Uniqop is a Persian online grocery store, Which is going to support you from A to Z in Persian cooking. From buying online groceries to finding the best recipes, you can count on Uniqop everywhere of the UnitedStates.

We have started our journey by providing Sadaf products in California for the Iranians in the USA and other Persian cooking lovers. However, Uniqop’s unique Persian cooking recipes are available for everybody online.

We are going to fill your Persian shopping baskets with any brands existing in the world such as Sadaf food, Almas food, Golchin, Kradjian, Picknik and so on.

In the first steps of our journey, we have provided our online Persian cooking recipes. Soon you can buy your groceries online in Uniqop’s store.

We hope to make you lick your fingers after eating. Uniqop is going to serve every American citizen with the blessings of Persian cuisine.

Join us to enjoy the health, taste, smell, and creativeness of Persian cooking.

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